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R2E2 Open House

R2E2 Open House

On October 20th, NEW Water is hosting an Open House to offer the public an update on the new solids handling facility, Resource Recovery and Electrical Energy (R2E2). Find out more. 


Hazardous Waste Disposal

Tip to keep our waters clean: Proper hazardous waste disposal

 Many hazardous items at home should not be poured down the drains!  October 6-11 is Household Hazardous Waste Awareness Week in Brown County.  Want to help keep hazardous substances out of our waterways?  Find out how.



Gumming Up The Works

NEW Water Treatment Operator Aaron Eichhorst discusses the problems with wipes.

 "Gumming up the works"

What shouldn't get dumped down the drain?  Oil, fats, grease, wipes, dental floss... these items can lead to homeowner backups and clog up equipment at NEW Water.
Read the Green Bay Press-Gazette story.


Silver Creek Project Kicks Off

Silver Creek Project kicks off

 To comply with new regulations on phosphorus, NEW Water is embarking on a pilot project in Silver Creek.  "Excessive phosphorus is a community-wide problem needing community-wide support," said Bill Hafs, Environmental Programs Director.  Learn more about the Silver Creek Project, and NEW Water's role in the watershed.


Peak Performance Awards

NACWA lauds NEW Water

NEW Water earned a Platinum Award for 100% permit compliance for the 11th consecutive year from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies for its Green Bay Facility, and a Gold Award for two years of 100% permit compliance for its De Pere Facility. 


 Water Works

Water infrastructure is in need of investment. NEW Water joined WaterWorks national "Thunderclap" to bring awareness to the issue. Watch our video.


Billing Methodology Project

After months of work with the Stakeholder Advisory Group, NEW Water's ongoing Billing Methodology Project has narrowed down the alternatives for consideration.  An all-customer meeting was held on September 25th to present the findings. A recommendation will be made to the NEW Water Commission in October.

Ice Bucket Challenge

 "Ice Bucket Challenge!"

NEW Water staff held a fundraiser for the ALS Association (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, often referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease), and challenged the Executive Team to the "Ice Bucket Challenge."

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