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Teaming Up for Water!

Oneida and Bay Port High School students are teaming up with NEW Water to help improve our watershed, as part of a Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grant.  Check out the launch event.

R2E2 Groundbreaking This Summer

In June, the NEW Water Commission approved Contract 34 for construction of the new solids handling facility, Resource Recovery and Electrical Energy, or R2E2, with groundbreaking slated for late summer.  With 97% of costs now in, engineers have updated the total capital cost of the project to be $169 million.  Read the latest update on the project here.  On June 4, a quarterly update was held with the Stakeholder Advisory Group, see the Quarterly Update presentation here.

Pictured below: 3D rendition of an overview of the new facility.

R2E2 Print



Advocating for Lower Costs

In June, Executive Director Tom Sigmund provided testimony to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, urging the department to obtain Environmental Protection Agency approval of a statewide variance on a new law on phosphorus.  “NEW Water believes providing this flexibility to point source dischargers will result in far greater improvements in water quality throughout Wisconsin at a much lower cost to rate payers and industries,” Sigmund said.

Learn more about what NEW Water is doing to help improve water quality in the watershed.



 Homeowner Tip!

 Did you know that on average, 50% of Americans’ outdoor water usage is wasted by overwatering their lawns?  Check out summer water tips here.




An Invitation & An Award

  • Where does your water go?  Come and find out!  NEW Water invites you to come tour our Green Bay Facility.  Public tours can be arranged upon request, reservation required.  Click here to find out how to sign up.
  • National recognition.  NEW Water received a Platinum Award from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies for its 12th consecutive year of achieving 100% permit compliance at its Green Bay Facility.  NEW Water’s De Pere Facility received a Gold Award.

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