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Reid Ribble

Congratulations, Rep. Ribble!

NEW Water and the Green Bay Water Utility named Rep. Reid Ribble NEW Watershed champion 2016, for his “Save the Bay” initiative. The festive ceremony featured song and science from Sharon Rychter’s Doty Elementary 5th graders.
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Industrial Achievement Awards

Thank You, Area Industries

Thirty awards have been given to area industries for achieving water permit compliance. Thank you, area industries, for your efforts to help protect our water!
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2016 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

NEW Water has completed a strategic planning process, which highlights collaborative regional leadership, education, and sustainability as operating principles.
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What’s NEW with the Solids Facility Construction? And more…

Thanks to a mild winter, NEW Water’s new solids handling facility, Resource Recovery and Electrical Energy, or R2E2, is humming away with construction. NEW water held a quarterly customer update meeting, which covered R2E2, the Interceptor Master Plan, our Silver Creek Pilot Project work in the watershed, “What Not to flush,” and more.

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Read more about the Interceptor Master Plan


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