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Kids Day

Green Bay Kids' Day 2018

NEW Water was pleased to partner with the Green Bay Water Utility for a joint booth at the Green Bay Kids' Day event in June.  More than 2,000 children and their families turned out to the water booth to learn about protecting our most valuable resource, water, and to do some "fishing" too! Learn more about our outreach programs.

Summer Image

Water Wisely This Summer! 

Are you overwatering your lawn?  Check out these handy summer watering tips from the Environmental Protection Agency.  Looking for more tips to protect our area waterways?
Find more tips at #LoveYourWatershed


Quarterly Update

Refinancing = Savings

Due to a bond refinancing, a savings of nearly $80,000 annually for the next 10 years will be passed along to NEW Water ratepayers.  Find out more about this and more in the presentation from NEW Water's quarterly update meeting.
See the presentation


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