Congratulations Ashwaubenon!

Parking Lot CeremonyUrban runoff aids to the impairment of our watershed, said Environmental Programs Director Bill Hafs at a recent permeable pavement dedication in Ashwaubenon.

Hafs spoke at the dedication ceremony of a new permeable parking lot at the Brown County Ashwaubenon Branch Library on Oct. 23.  Permeable pavement is porous, and allows water and other matter to pass through it and return to the soil, rather than running off, untreated into our waterways.  Hafs praised the leadership of the Brown County Library for making the project happen – Curt Beyler, Facility Manager, and Lynn Stainbrook, the Brown County Library Director, as well as members of the Library Board. 

“Not only will this project help reduce phosphorous, but it’ll also help reduce sediment loading to the river.  Think of all the other pollutants that run off our streets or across parking lots that empty into the river untreated,” Hafs said. 

More than 21,000 square feet of impervious surface including sidewalks, Permeable Parking Lotparking lots, and roof runoff drain to the catch basin in the Ashwaubenon parking lot.  The project will reduce an estimated 2 tons of suspended solids from reaching the Fox River and Green Bay. 

“In Green Bay, urban storm water runs directly to the Fox River and is not treated by NEW Water.  That is why projects like this one are vitally important for our community to address all sources of water pollution,” Hafs said.

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