Bay Guardian Arrives

Green Bay, WI - The Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District (GBMSD) took delivery of its new workboat known as Bay Guardian on June 2, 2011. The workboat replaces an older workboat that was purchased at the start of GBMSD's ambient water quality monitoring program in 1986. The older workboat consistently became no longer safe and reliable to operate. Staff was losing a growing number of sample days due to mechanical failures.

GBMSD's collects water quality monitoring data to better understand how its discharges at its two facilities in De Pere and Green Bay affect the Fox River and lower Green Bay. The monitoring program provides accurate water quality data about the Fox River and lower Green Bay so discharge permits, issued by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, are set not more or less restrictive than needed.

The water quality monitoring program in the future will be used to meet the requirements for entering into the Adaptive Management Option in the state's new phosphorus rules for point sources. GBMSD estimates that the Adaptive Management Option will allow it to delay spending $225 million to upgrade wastewater treatment infrastructure by up to 15 years.

GBMSD is a municipal corporation directed by a five-member Commission. It is a wholesaler of wastewater treatment services. GBMSD serves approximately 217,000 residents in a 285 square mile area. Customers of GBMSD include: the Cities of De Pere and Green Bay; the Villages of Allouez, Ashwaubenon, Bellevue, Hobart, Howard, Luxemburg, Pulaski, and Suamico; Towns of Green Bay, Humboldt, Lawrence, Ledgeview, Pittsfield, Red River and Scott; and contract customer Procter and Gamble Paper Products Company.

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