Celebrate World Toilet Day: Love Your Toilet!

World Toilet Day is Nov. 19th

Did you know that not everyone has access to proper sanitation?


  • 2.5 billion people in the world do not have access to a toilet
  • The United Nations designated November 19 as “World Toilet Day” to call attention to this issue
  • Visit www.toiletday.org to learn more

Why should we care about sanitation? 

  • Each year, 2.7 million people die from lack of sanitation
  • Modern sewers help keep communities healthy
  • In Wisconsin, people used outhouses before modern sewers, and cholera plagued the state

It’s a toilet, not a trash can!

  • Only the “3Ps” belong in the toilet: pee, poo, and paper.  Wipes, sanitary products, dental floss all can clog up pipes, creating a costly - and messy – situation: Backups in your home, and maintenance and equipment problems for NEW Water. 
  • Medication also should not be flushed – unwanted and unused medication can present opportunities for environmental contamination, drug abuse and accidental poisonings.   For pharmaceutical drop-off information in Brown County, please visit: Brown County Sheriff’s Prescription Drug Collection Program.

Fun Toilet Topics!

  • “Psycho” was the first film to show a toilet flushing
  • You will spend 3 years of your life on the toilet
  • The first cubicle in a public restroom is always the cleanest and the least used
  • The world’s …
    • Scariest toilet is located at the top of a 15-story elevator with a see-through floor: In Mexico
    • Largest public toilet has 1,000 facilities: In China
    • Costliest toilet is $29 million, made from solid gold: In Hong Kong

Source: WaterAid United Kingdom

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