Build a Rain Garden

Having a rain garden in your yard is a simple and beautiful way to conserve water (which means lower water bills!), provide a habitat for butterflies, and prevent pollutants from entering our waterways!  Find out how

 Reduce Runoff

Did you know that washing your car on your lawn, and picking up pet litter are two simple things you can do to help prevent urban runoff from polluting the Bay of Green Bay?  Storm water drains – those are the drains you see in the gutters along the street -- run directly into nature, out to our waterways.  Car grease, manure, and fertilizer are best trapped before they reach our waterways. Prevent pollution of the Bay

 Love Your Pipes!

The drains in your home aren’t something you think about each day; yet dumping certain items down your drain can result in sewer backups and costly repairs for both homeowners and sewer utilities.  Learn how to love your pipes

 Take the Watershed Pledge

The Fox Wolf Watershed Alliance challenges you to take the Watershed Pledge to help protect area waters.  They also host an annual Fox River Clean-Up.  Take the pledge

 Take a Photo & Tell Your Friends

Spread the word about what you're doing to prevent pollution and love the Bay!  Take photos and share them at #LoveGreenBay!


 Salt Wisely

Icy roads and sidewalks in winter can be hazardous, and salt is often the solution.  But did you know that using too much salt can harm our waterways?  Learn how much is the right amount to protect our water.

Drug Take Back Day: Keep Meds Out of Our Water

Did you know unused medications should not be flushed down the drain?  They pollute area waterways and the environment.  Learn more about pharmaceuticals in our environment.  Properly dispose of unused medications through area law enforcement dropoff locations. Find a drop-off location near you

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Bench View Of Bay

NEW Water is currently working on a pilot project in Silver Creek, which is part of the larger Green Bay watershed.  Learn more about NEW Water's watershed improvement efforts.



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