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NEW Water's Aquatic Monitoring Program (AMP) monitors and patrols the waters of NE Wisconsin. Samples are taken from 34 different stations throughout the Fox River, East River, and the Bay of Green Bay to monitor the quality of our waters. These samples are analzyed in NEW Water's state-certified laboratory. 

For more information on River and Bay water quality, please contact: Sarah Bartlett, Water Resources Specialist,, (920) 438-1088.

For more information on Watershed water quality, please contact: Erin Houghton, Watershed Specialist,, (920) 438-1092.

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For information and data from NEW Water and partner’s efforts in the greater Green Bay waterways, please visit the Fox-Wolf Watershed & Green Bay Water Quality Datahub. Here you will find historical and current data from various projects all focused on understanding and improving water quality in the Fox-Wolf Watershed. This interactive datahub was created from a collaboration with NEW Water, Fox Wolf Watershed Alliance and ADC staff, funded by a grant from the Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS).

Ongoing Study Indicates Toxins in the Bay

NEW Water is participating in a joint study with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Zilber School of Public Health regarding toxins present along the shoreline at Bay Beach.  Data indicates the presence of cyanotoxins, which are harmful to humans and animals. Read more here

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The Science of Color: NEW Water Partners with NASA on Green Bay Initiative

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Want to learn more about the partnership with NASA on an international effort to advance scientific knowledge of cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae? Find out more here. 

New Studies on Area Waters


Want to learn more about what’s happening with cyanobacteria, as well as the “dead zone,” or hypoxia, in Green Bay waters?  Dive into these new scientific studies by NEW Water staff scientists Erin Houghton and Sarah Bartlett:

Article about cyanobacteria

Article about 'dead zone,' or hypoxia

Video: "A Day in the Life of the Aquatic Monitoring Program"

Click here to watch and learn about the data collection processes used by the Aquatic Monitoring Program!

Site Map

Where does AMP conduct monitoring?  Check out the map.

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More Information

Aquatic Monitoring Program Celebrates 30 years

Fact Sheet: Aquatic Monitoring Program

Annual Reports

Annual Report - 2013

Annual Report - 2012

Annual Report - 2011

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