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NEW Water's Environmental Programs Division aims to tackle challenges of nutrient discharge into the Bay of Green Bay. As a “point source,” NEW Water is among the wastewater utilities which will face stricter environmental regulations on phosphorus discharge into receiving waters. NEW Water has been employing business case analyses to search for the most economical and effective approach to meet these new requirements, in lieu of spending over $100 million to implement facility upgrades, that would remove less than 3% of the overall phosphorus in the Bay.

Grassed Waterways Silver CreekWisconsin is a leader in the nation in harnessing Adaptive Management (AM) as a community-wide approach to nutrient discharge, and NEW Water is no exception. NEW Water has fostered partnerships with government, business, industry, and academia to tackle the problem.

With the Silver Creek Pilot Project, NEW Water is launching AM by trying something on a small scale which can be replicated on a larger scale to improve water quality: implementing best management practices in an agricultural area.

Photo above: Grassed waterways installed in the Silver Creek Project are an example of a land management practice to help curb runoff.

Video: What Is Runoff?

"Runoff" is a difficult concept to explain.  Click here to watch an informative video of runoff in action. 

"Water Knows No Boundaries" Video

What if we banded together for water?  Watch our video, "Water Knows No Boundaries," to see what can happen.  Thank you to all Silver Creek Project Partners!

Understanding Our Water

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A suite of new water information materials have been produced by the University of Michigan Water Center in support of the Green Bay Ecosystem Modeling project.  The above is a sneak peek of these educational materials - check them out here:

Visit the Green Bay Ecosystem Modeling Project website

"Experts Work to Save Green Bay"

NEW Water was featured on WISN-ABC's "Up Front with Mike Gousha".  Water Specialist Sarah Bartlett explains what's happening with the "dead zone" on board the Bay Guardian.

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