Solar PanelsNEW Water strives to include sustainability in all decisions to protect the environment for future generations.  Key business decisions will incorporate a triple bottom line sustainable focus that results in the protection of area waters, one of our most important natural resources. Using Lean processes, NEW Water will implement and report out on improvement projects to save cost and provide training opportunities for staff.  NEW Water is constantly searching for ways to work smarter: more efficiently, and cost effectively, in efforts to balance financial responsibility and environmental stewardship.

 Some initiatives include:

  • Utility of the Future. Striving toward a sustainable future, clean water utilities across the U.S. are starting to view themselves as resource managers, rather than disposers of waste. NEW Water is collaborating with the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) toward that future vision. Read more here.
  • Lean Projects.  After receiving a grant from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College to train staff on the “Lean” way of doing business, which enhances workplace productivity, NEW Water rolled out five lean projects in 2013.  The projects are: Compressor Building, Green Bay Facility Liquids Breakroom, Jack Day Center, Sunday Time Elimination, Green Bay Facility Recycle Project; all told, the projects resulted in a cost savings in salary and materials of $34,400.
  • Solar Panels.  NEW Water installed a solar panel at the De Pere’s metering station, which will generate 100% of its own electricity.  This is NEW Water’s third solar panel; in 2011, NEW Water installed two panels in East Green Bay to power a meter station, which produce about 10,000 kWh annually.  Metering stations are used to measure how much wastewater flows through a given area.
  • LED Lights.  NEW Water installed LED lights around its primary and final clarifiers, which will result in a cost savings, as well as increased light which will improve safety conditions for NEW Water staff.
  • Aeration Compressor Controls.  NEW Water has six aeration basins at its Green Bay Facility, which store about a million gallons of water each as part of the treatment process.  Air is continuously generated and pumped into these basins to feed microorganisms which eat the wastewater’s organic matter, as part of the biological portion of the water treatment process.  The eight-month project was conducted to replace obsolete controllers, which operators managed manually.  The successful project implemented automated startup controls – allowing staff to go from a multi-step start-up procedure to a one-button start-up process.  The result of NEW Water’s in-house ingenuity has resulted in greater work efficiency, as well as improved pressure and flow control to the aeration basins.
  • Pigging Project.  After discovering the interplant forcemain between NEW Water’s Green Bay and De Pere Facilities was clogged up, staff investigated and found an innovative, environmentally friendly, cost-effective solution that saved $378,000: A Poly Pig.  A polyurethane “pig” was launched and pushed through the pipe – effectively wiping away the slime like a squeegee on a windshield.  Watch the video "A Pig's Tale" here (optimized for viewing on a PC).
  • UV Disinfection.  At NEW Water’s De Pere Facility, a new UV Disinfection system has been implemented.  A simple design twist – placing bulbs vertically instead of horizontally - allows for power to be increased as needed as the water moves through the disinfection process, and also makes maintenance easier, resulting in greater work efficiency.  The new system will result in an estimated 50% savings in energy use.


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