Fixed Charge Project

AerialIn striving to protect our most valuable resource, water, NEW Water is called to balance environmental and financial stewardship.

In late 2017, NEW Water embarked on a project to evaluate how fixed charges are allocated in the financial process.  NEW Water retained the services of Arcadis, U.S., Inc. for this Fixed Charge Project.

A stakeholder advisory group was convened to serve in an advisory capacity in support of the development of a defensible and equitable Fixed Charge Allocation Methodology.  NEW Water convened stakeholder advisory groups in January and March 2018, and met with individual customers, as well as their customers, to walk through the methodology, address any concerns, and enhance understanding of the two options studied.

On April 25, the NEW Water Commission adopted the Alternative Fixed Charge Methodology.

The methodology recognizes the uniqueness of each customer’s sewer service area, therefore proves a more equitable customer cost sharing compared to their wastewater characteristics discharged.

NEW Water would like to extend gratitude to all those who participated in this process, which was invaluable to achieving the outcome.



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