R2E2 Project


Anaerobic digesters for NEW Water's new R2E2 facility.

NEW Water has dedicated itself to the collection, treatment, and reclamation of about 38 million gallons of wastewater each day. To continue to provide safe, reliable service that you expect daily, NEW Water needs to replace its solids handling system.

The three main reasons to replace the solids handling system are:

  1. Aging Infrastructure - most of the main equipment started operation in 1976. The equipment is passed its useful life and needs to be replaced. NEW Water cannot afford to run its equipment to failure because many people and businesses depend on safe, reliable, and cost-effective service.
  2. Stricter Environmental Standards - NEW Water must comply with new federal air permit standards by March 2016. Its current equipment will not meet the new standards.
  3. Increase Capacity - both incinerators operate at over 90% capacity daily in order to handle all of the wastewater demands. It has triggered the regulatory need to start facilities planning.


NEW Water's new solids handling facility is called the Resource Recovery and Electrical Energy generation system, or R2E2. Construction launched in 2015, and is currently going online. 

Tours are now available of the new facility!  Sign up here.


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